Back to School Prep- I’m Done Pickles and Catch-Up Ketchup

This morning I did a quick project for school that is actually a mash-up of two great ideas I found on Pinterest. I took the idea for Pickles and Ketchup, and combined it with the I’m Done jar. The Ketchup basket holds work for children who need to catch up at the end of week. Anyone who does not have work in the Ketchup basket can pick an activity from the Pickle Jar.

I downloaded and printed the clipart and laminated both. I used the ketchup to label a basket and glued the pickleĀ  to an empty plastic container. Since our children keep all their workbooks and notebooks on the shelf, it is easy to transfer them to the ketchup basket when we check them and see who hasn’t completed something.

Then I used scalloped edged scissors to cut ovals from green cardstock. These are the pickles. Using printable labels, I labelled each pickle with an enrichment type activity for early finishers.

Here is a sample of some of the activities I included. I included a variety of different subjects:

I also made a bunch of blank pickles so I can add new activities to the pickle jar throughout the year.

I am hoping this will motivate children to stay on task so they can be a pickle at the end of the week. I also hope the pickles will be encouraged to try new and different activities by choosing from the jar.

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